Jane Fraser Has to Fix Citigroup. It Will Soon Be a Tough Job.

Jane Fraser Has to Fix Citigroup. It Will Soon Be a Tough Job.

The incoming C.E.O. of Citi really wants to simply simply take an even more worldwide way of problems and expand banking solutions for bad People in the us even while the financial institution faces force to obtain it self in form.

As mind of Citigroup’s Latin America unit, Jane Fraser assisted to obtain the bank back online after Hurricane Maria, steered it through financial crises in Venezuela and Argentina and worked to completely clean up its Mexican subsidiary. Credit. Brad Trent

On Jane Fraser’s desk at Citigroup’s downtown Manhattan head office sits a map of Puerto Rico produced from woods downed by Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island in 2017. The incoming chief executive of Citi, the memento is a reminder of her mission: to restore order in the midst of chaos for Ms. Fraser.

Whenever Maria hit Puerto Rico, downing energy lines and flooding the territory, Citi’s San Juan branch had been obligated to shut.

A week after the storm as head of the bank’s Latin America business, Ms. Fraser oversaw efforts to provide bank employees with generators, solar cellphone chargers, portable septic systems, water and other basic necessities at lightning speed, allowing them to reopen the branch.

“We had been the only bank that ended up being installed and operating,” she said in an meeting.

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