Elevate Health and Fitness App Features

Elevate Health and Fitness App Features

Elevate Health is an iPhone and Health application launched by Neogerians in collaboration with Accenture and BCG. This iPhone and Health app enables users to track their vertical jumps, body mass index, BMI, blood pressure and the importance of exercise. It also comes with the Boost Health Bar, a fitness-tracking bar that comes preloaded with the app. The app has been downloaded from the App Store by more than 13 million people from different countries.


This iPhone and Health app gives users the power to access personal health information, track their vertical jumps, weight history, BMI, blood pressure and more. The Boost Bar comes preloaded with the app, making it easier for users to track their fitness progress in the privacy of their homes. This can be compared to the Fitbit or other similar fitness trackers.

the key advantages of the Elevate Health app

One of the key advantages of the Elevate Health app is that it acts as a personal trainer to its users. For example, the app provides links to various training manuals, workout plans and videos, which help users gain knowledge about exercise and health. The importance of regular exercising cannot be underestimated. The app also comes with features such as heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and many more, designed to make exercising fun and interesting.


In relation to the app’s benefits, one of the main advantages of the app is its fitness and health-tracking features. The app helps users set goals and measure their success in achieving them. The app uses both metrics and sensors integrated with its iPhone application. Metrics are measurements that indicate how well the app is serving its users. For example, the calorie counter counts the number of calories users consume during a workout session. Users can also view and track their fitness history graphically.


With the health and fitness aspects of the app in mind, another advantage is the ability to customize certain aspects of the workout. This is done by the app allowing users to set their goals, set fitness intervals for workouts and even set goals for other activities such as sleeping or resting. With this power in its hands, the app helps users attain fitness and health goals that they can easily achieve. Another great feature of the app is its upload of workout videos, which helps users to see what they can do in real life. The user experience of the app can also be greatly improved by adding videos to the list of available workouts.

benefits without hurting the user

Elevate Health and Fitness App has the ability to provide all these benefits without hurting the user experience. It also gives users the option of accessing over one million different workouts from some of the best fitness experts in the world. The app also features some of the most reliable online stores such as Nike, iWorkout, and Instinct.


Elevate Health and Fitness App does cost $2.99 per month but provides a lot of features that many other fitness and health apps do not offer. Most of the features are simple and easy to use. This app is easy to navigate and provides clear instructions for users to follow. It also has great workout videos to watch and a library of over one million workout routines to choose from.


Elevate Health and Fitness App offers all these features and much more. With the app, users get the highest value for their money with a feature-rich and simple-to-use app that gives you maximum value for your dollar. Users can now enjoy a better work out, get motivation and stay motivated to reach goals, thanks to a detailed workout guide. They also get to watch more high quality workout videos that will really help them achieve their goals. The Elevate Health and Fitness App will help you stay fit and healthy while on your journey to becoming slim and fit.

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