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Police Vs Crime Prisoner Apk Download for Android

Swat Police Vs Crime Prisoner Jail Broker Escape use your mind and run your secret way and become great gentleman agent like a secret agent. Dark dungeon black cell Prisoner Broker Escape hard mission. use your brain mind for how to break the dark dungeon lockup jail and complete the mission. this is very interesting game for the google play user.

Get ready to dodge the jail security and execute your enemy. In this Prison Jail Escaping Game game you have been punished to prison for 10 years for a serious crime. You are being watched through Cameras and security. The security of the jail is not in your hands, you can run and save your life otherwise enemies kill you. Have you any experience as escape prisoner? If no then you need to download this 3D simulation and enjoy the amazing adventure of prisoner with tactical criminal skills. You are a professional criminal and you will not living in the prison. You will have to assassinate your enemies in the lockup. It will not be an easy task to attack the enemies. Opened your mind and protect yourself from enemy.

Prison Jail Escaping Game Simulator with a unique concept, where you play as a prisoner to escape the jailhouse. It is time to fight hard with your amazing skills to fight with police guard in jail breakout missions. Mostly your life time is spent with dangerous criminals in prison cell. You spent some hard time with punishment in this custody home. Your mission is save your life, your enemies’ killing silently one by one quickly. Use simple tools to assassinate the enemies and save yourself from their counter attacks. Use baseball bat, punches and kicks and protect yourself to fight with enemies, hitting on their head and body. You do not have any weapons to use except your power.

Some prisoners have escaped by picking the locks on their cells, creating keys to their cells, sawing bars off of the doors or holes, carving away the walls, or breaking away the vent. This jail has most advanced security system and escape from there to be very hard, guards are watching continuously and patrolling every ware, police man duty are very alert. Security camera and search light look after intervals of time. Execute a difficult plan to end this hard time. In this Prison Jail Escaping Game you will destroy enemies and collect money to unlock the more difficulty missions. There are multiple dazzling levels are waiting for you.

Police Vs Crime Prisoner Apk Download for Android

Bring professional criminal in your mind in this Prison Jail Escaping Game game, you are a prisoner and required to thinking a plan. How need plan, to break the jail and come out in this crime simulator. Detention center wardens are roaming everywhere, so you need to be careful while you should escape. Jail wardens is very violence and harmful to you and they punishment very hard. It is a very exciting and thrilling prisoner escape strategy addictive game. Also available on Google play store, now! Download it and enjoy the adventure of lockup as a prisoner.

Police Vs Crime Prisoner Apk Download for Android

Amazing 3D Prison Dark Dungeon jail cell Environment
A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish
Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison
Multiple Challenging prisoner escape and police chase missions
Use Combat & Fighting Tools like
Interesting Game Play
Smooth and intuitive controls
Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Interesting & Hardcore addictive game play
Player Punch, Power ups and Combos
Easy and Hard fun to play
Dress up your prisoner
Realistic and effective sound
Best animations
Interesting game play

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