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SUPO Optimizer-booster&cleaner Apk Download for Android

SUPO Optimizer is a comprehensive Android device optimizing app, integrated with battery saving, cleaning, security, accelerating, and hardware maintenance. The developers have dedicated in Android device optimization and app development ever since Android was developed. Hoping to turn all that substantial knowledge and optimization experience into actual value, the developers created SUPO Optimization as the platform.

Main Features


Effectively detecting & fixing current & potential threats (virus, security/privacy leakage, rascal app, etc).

☆File cleaner
Cleaning junks, residual files, and cache; preventing ROM overly occupied; increasing storage space & phone speed.

☆Notification cleaner
Muting & gathering unnecessary notifications; preventing users from being constantly disturbed; cleaning notification board.


☆Phone Boost
Optimizing RAM; releasing overly occupied RAM; ensuring phone running smoothly & fast; preventing overheating, lagging, freezing/hanging from heavy usage.

Users can add apps to whitelist if they don’t want certain apps canceled when accelerating/optimizing; preventing important processes canceled accidentally.

SUPO Optimizer-booster&cleaner Apk Download for Android


☆CPU Cooler
Lowering CPU temperature, extending CPU life.

☆Smart charger
Accurately indicating charging time left, sending alerts when fully charged to prevent battery overly charged (Contain Ads)..

To be aware of the disadvantage & defects of SUPO Optimizer, we pray for more opportunities to communicate with users. Please send email to or enter “feedback” feature to complain, suggest, and question.

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